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City Towbars is the ultimate shop for all your tow bar needs. Whether you need to buy a new tow bar or you need to get a car tow bar installation or you need accessories that are used in conjunction with tow bars; just about all your tow bar worries and requirements are fixed at our shop. We boast of the top notch tow bars you could procure for your vehicle, in and around Gold Coast and Brisbane that are resilient, tough and ready to face any amount of stress that might be applied on them.  Our tow bars are our pride as they have stood the test of time over the years and have always performed exceptionally well for all our customers with car tow bar installation in Brisbane.

At City Towbars we aim to offer the best car tow bar installation in Gold Coast. This means that whether it is a 4X4 tow bar installation, 4wd tow bar installation or truck tow bar installation, we never compromise with the quality and the safety standards of our products. In the two decades that we have been operational, we have only delivered 100% satisfaction to all our customers whether big or small. Our well trained personnel have immense experience in fitting, repairing, installing accessories or any other services related to tow bar installation hence when we say we provide comprehensive services to you, we men every single word of it.

Whatever vehicle you have, we have a solution

It does not make a difference whether your car model is a Renault, a Toyota, a Holden, a Mitsubishi or any other brand. It also does not depend on what type of vehicle you own- whether a truck, a car with 4x4 suspensions or a car with 4wd. City Towbars deals in all kinds of 4wd Tow Bar Installation in Gold Coast, all sorts of 4x4 Tow Bar Installation in Gold Coast and any kind of truck tow bar installation in Gold Coast. We have customized tow bars for every make and model of car in the market. The variety of our products is unparalleled which makes us a unique mix of expertise with versatility. We have solution for every type of haul you might want to tow to your cars. Since a boat is different from a trailer or a platform, every individual haul requires a different setup. This should not be a worry for you at all because City Towbars offers the full range of services that covers this aspect of tow bar as well thus you will not have to roam around in search for a good tow bar installation in Gold Coast.

Help on wheels for your convenience

We are the first among all the tow bar service providers to offer you mobile tow bar installation. It is a key service that helps distressed customers on the road or in an emergency at any place they are stranded. This kind of tow bar installation in Brisbane has revolutionized the industry. It has been a boon for those who love outings on the dirt roads and love to haul their bikes or those who love motor boating but were apprehensive about tow bar services in case of emergencies.

With our 4wd tow bar installation in Brisbane we offer zero disruption in your moments of enjoyment. Now people can rest assured and spend their weekends knowing that help is just a few minutes away for their 4x4 tow bar installation in Brisbane. Often times it happens with truck drivers that they are towing a carrier while going to work and their tow bar start giving them troubles. City Towbar, with its exceptional services and mobile workstation have given such truck owners a reason to rejoice. Not only we tend to their need in the hour of need, we guarantee the quality of our fittings and services for a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting City Towbars - your ultimate destination for towbars, tow bar fitting , bull bars and towing accessories such as weight distribution hitches, electric brakes and much more.

We take special pride in offering our customers the finest and strongest towbars and bull bars available. Browse our quality selection of Hayman Reese towbars, Hayman Reese bull bars, TAG towbars, Boronia towbars, and TrailBoss towbars.

We offer towbars for all makes and models such as Toyota towbars, Holden towbars, Mitsubishi towbars and Jeep towbars, as well as a variety of bull bars that will keep your vehicle safe, whether you need a Toyota bull bar, Holden bull bar, Mitsubishi bull bar, Jeep bull bar, or any other make of vehicle we can help.

If you are working within a budget, we have affordable towbars and affordable bull bars and can even provide fitting. We also offer spotlights as well.

Check out our high-tech selection of electric braking systems, such as car electric brakes, and truck electric brakes.

We wish you the best of luck with your towing and vehicle protection needs!


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