A Bull Bar that looks good, fitted quickly and cleanly so it is ready to go - at our workshop or at your home or workplace.

Everyone gives a bull bar lifetime guarantee. We go that extra step further, and give you a free lifetime safety checks of your bull bar, every 12 months, keeping you extra-safe. At no extra cost.

Your bull bar needs to protect you and your vehicle and look good.

The bull bar has to be able to withstand an impact at 120km/h with an unfortunate cow, kangaroo or obstacle.

What you don't want is your bull bar developing stress fractures and weaknesses as time goes by, resulting in your safety being compromised without you knowing. And when that time comes when you need the protection most, what if your bull bar doesn't do the job?

You need reliability.

Our bull bars will give you peace of mind. They are available in Aluminium and Steel and are precision engine. Fitted by qualified mechanics who have been working with vehicles like yours for years.

Robust, industry-leading suppliers of Bull Bars

We Stock bull bars from brands including:

  • Hayman Reese
  • ECB
  • TJM
  • ARB